Hidden Forrest offers the opportunity for the more "show oriented" rider to Lease or half Lease a horse or pony.  
Full Lease  provides the rider with exclusive access to a favorite horse/pony, under supervision of your Instructor.   
*  Requires attending a minimum of 1 lesson per week 
*     Monthly lease fees vary by horse or pony
*           Farrier & Routine Veterinary  Expenses              
*                    No daily Lease Fee at Horse Shows    

Partial Lease provides the rider with access to a favorite horse or pony on three pre-arranged days each week.
* Minimum of 1 lesson per week required
*      Training sessions by Instructor as needed
*         50% of Farrier & Routine Venterinary Expenses
*              Priority for Horse Shows
*                   50% Off Daily Lease Fee at Horse Shows